Saturday, June 12, 2021

Belts and Socks That Are Built To Last

I received these products from Grip6 for review.  Have you noticed that most belts and socks wear out really fast these days?  And if you're lucky enough to have them last more than a few months, then chances are that they just don't look good anymore.  Well, at Grip6, they are constantly looking for ways to produce products that will last longer, look good longer and function better than most of the others on the market.

The Men's Classic Pack has a regular retail price of $134 but is currently on sale for $99.  The set includes three Classic belt buckles (Ninja, Gunmetal and Granite) and three woven belt straps (Black, Mocha and Grey). 

It also includes a solid brushed aluminum hanger that holds up to 6 Grip6 Belts.  The buckles and straps are completely interchangeable and it takes just two seconds to mix and match them and wear them as you choose.  And unlike leather belts, it will not damage or dig holes into the belt when you change the buckle.


These belts are simple, lightweight and comfortable.  They deliver a minimalist look with extreme durability.  When you wear one of these belts, it lies flat and doesn't protrude out from the pants or dig into your skin.  The buckles are ultra lightweight and shaped with a slight bend for extra comfort.  It won't slip or need continuous adjusting throughout the day.

Made in the USA using high grade materials, the buckles
are laser cut from T6061 Aluminum and the belt straps are woven with high strength nylon webbing.  These belts have no holes and no flap, the tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle to provide a clean, sleek look.

The Overland Blue and Overland Orange Wool Crew Socks are priced at $19 per pair.  These Four Season Crew Socks feature a full terry bottom with no terry at all in the upper foot or leg of the sock.  This results in a sock with a full but light feel.  They feel just as good in shoes as they do in boots, and they're perfect for both cold and warm weather.

Made with a combination of 40% Wool, 58% Nylon and 2% Spandex, these socks are excellent at maintaining the benefits of wool (wicking, breathability, stretch and insulation), while gathering in the benefits of nylon and elastic (increased durability and the ability for the material to bounce back).

Because these socks are antimicrobial and wick moisture so well, they feel and smell fresh at the end of the day, no matter what activities you are participating in.  They are super comfortable and perfect for every day wear, as well as more active pursuits such as hiking and rock climbing.

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