Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Massage Gun For Dad

I received this product from Ekrin Athletics for review.

The Ekrin B37S is engineered to meet the demanding performance needs of those who are serious about muscle recovery.  It delivers increased power at lower speeds, allowing for deeper massage treatment and giving you greater therapeutic benefits.  The B37S is equipped with a high performance commercial grade brushless motor that delivers up to 56 lbs. of force.  When it's set on speeds 1-3, the B37S delivers 30% more force than Ekrin's B37.  The added power at lower speeds allows for greater percussive treatment.

It is priced at $329.99 and comes with a handy carry case for travel.  It's compact and light weight, making it perfect for on the go use.  It is ultra quiet and has an 8 hour battery life.  It has 6 speeds and comes with 6 locking massage head attachments.  The Reactive Force Sensor makes it easy to visually monitor the pressure as you use it.

Use this massage gun to recover from workouts, improve your circulation, reduce stress and to get a better night's sleep.  It can be used on all of your muscle groups throughout your body.  It's easy to use and extremely effective.  Dad would love to receive this for Father's Day, and you will feel good about gifting it because it will help to improve his overall health.

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