Friday, May 7, 2021

You Don't Have To Stand And Hold The Water Hose Anymore

I received this product from SeCa Hose Holder for review.  I'm sure you know the frustration when you're watering your garden but would rather be doing something else besides standing there holding a water hose.  Or maybe your hands are covered with soil after planting and you want to wash them off before going inside.  As you rinse off your hands, one at a time, you wish there was someone there to hold the hose for you to make it easier.  Well, this is for you!

The SeCa Water Hose Holder is priced at 19.99 each.  It's a unique and innovative holder that's changing how you use the water hose around your home and garden forever!  Whether it's saving your back from bending over, or giving you that extra hand you've always needed, the added convenience of hands free water hose holding can't be matched!

To use this hose holder, simply follow these steps:

  1. Insert the SeCa Hose Holder into the ground by firmly stepping on top of the step with your foot.
  2. Pick up the water hose and bring it to the other side of you and the SeCa Hose Holder.
  3. Pull the end of the water hose up and towards you before bringing it through the middle opening of the SeCa Hose Holder's coil.
  4. Make a wrapping or rotating motion with the water hose.
  5. Place the end of the water hose underneath the tip of the coil.
  6. Release the end of the water to enjoy a hands free water hose holding experience!
  7. To take the water hose off, reverse the order of the directions above!

The SeCa Hose Holder is 34" tall when it's placed into the ground.  It's made from high quality cold rolled American steel and is available with zinc or black powder coating.  It weighs 21 ounces, making it lightweight, yet durable, and easy to move around.  It will securely hold all light to heavy duty garden hoses and is useful toeveryone, regardless of age or ability!

The SeCa Hose Holder will quickly become be your new favorite garden tool because the possibilities for use are endless!  Some helpful and time saving hands free uses are:

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