Saturday, May 15, 2021

You Can Erase Dirt and Grime

I received these products from FTI Brands for review.  This Father's Day, give Dad a gift that he can really use.  Whether he's a car buff, a golf lover, or just loves his shoes - these erasers will help him keep things looking clean and sharp.

Use these GolfErasers to clean your club faces, golf balls and shoes.  These completely built in golf club cleaners are specifically designed to keep you and your equipment clean on the course.  Not only will you look better, but you’ll play better!  Just add water and use the green side to scrub away dirt, grime and scuff marks.  Then use the white side to finish the job and make your clubs, balls and shoes shine like new!  They come in a 6 pack that includes a silicone tether so you can hang them right on your golf bag, making them easily accessible when you need them.

Use these AutoErasers to instantly touch up your auto detailing between car washes.  These quick, effective detailing sponges will keep your car sparkling.  These sponges come individually packaged.  They're pre-moistened and ready to use.  You can use them to make black marks, grime, sap, grease, shoe marks, brake dust and dirt instantly disappear.  They only work when they're wet, so if they begin to dry, simply add water to fully reactivate.  Keep some in your glove box and some in your garage for easy access.  Use the ultra soft red chamois side on sensitive surfaces such as clear plastics, clear coat and paint. Use the white eraser layer on durable surfaces such as windows, lights, metal, hard plastics and more.  AutoErasers are perfect for detailing your entire vehicle.  The versatility and hexagon shape cleans both exteriors and interiors.  From rims, wheels, tires, windshields, wheel wells, door panels, armrests and steering wheels to sensitive paints, tinted windows, headlights and clear plastics.  They make it easy to keep your car sleek and shiny.

Use SneakErasers to clean your sneakers and make them look new again.  This powerful dual layered shoe cleaner is the first true instant sneaker cleaner that’s ready for your scuff mark emergencies, no matter where you are.  They're pre-moistened to clean your shoes on the go.  Just open the pouch and rub gently, using the white side to easily remove scuffs, dirt and grime from your midsoles.  Then use the orange side to wipe it clean.  The pocket size design allows you to keep a SneakEraser with you in your purse, luggage or gym bag, so you can keep your favorite pair of kicks looking like new.

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