Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Double Your Receptacles With The OUTlet

I received this product from The OUTlet for review.

When you install this outlet in your wall, you will instantly double your receptacles without using up additional space.  You can get it with or without USB, I received one with USB.  You can find the OUTlet on Amazon for $49.99.  I'm sure you've been in the situation where you needed to plug something in but all of your outlets were full.  Well, this product solves that problem.


You can replace your old outlets in the wall and double the receptacles with the press of a button.  It's completely safe and has built in tamper resistance.  When it's in the closed position, the OUTlet looks like any standard outlet with two available receptacles and one USB.  But when you slide the button and open the OUTlet, you suddenly have four available receptacles and two USBs!

If your house is like mine, you have more appliances in your kitchen than you have outlets to plug them into.  Appliances that you use on a daily basis.  You could use an extension cord, but those are trip hazards and aren't really practical for daily use.  So you usually have to unplug one thing in order to plug in another.  This is not only inconvenient, it also slows you down on those busy mornings when the kids need to go to school and Mom and Dad needs to go to work.  And everyone needs breakfast.  We always had to unplug the coffee pot so we could plug in the toaster.  But with the OUTlet, we can plug everything in!

The OUTlet is super easy to install, and you can situate it to open in whichever direction suits your needs.  You'll want to install them throughout your house because they are so convenient.  No more hunting for outlet expanders in the junk drawer, looking for the last available extension cord or having to deal with an ugly solution that just doesn't meet your needs.  If you have a Mr. Fix It Dad, then the OUTlet would make a wonderful Father's Day gift!  He'll love it!

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