Monday, May 3, 2021

A First Aid Kit For Your Mental Health

I received this product from Mental Health Global Network for review.  With the pandemic situation, many people are feeling stressed out, anxious and mentally exhausted.  This kit will help you cope with those feelings.

The Mental Health First Aid Kit ($29) is an
on the go toolkit that helps soothe anxiety and mental health issues.  It's tested, recommended and endorsed by Psychologist.  

The kit contains 9 tangible tools to help you cope with anxiety, stress and sensory overload.  Anxiety and panic is often triggered by sensory overload.  This is the overwhelming feeling of too many things happening at once.  But you can use the items in this kit to focus on one particular sense or moment, so you feel grounded again as your stress is relieved.  Read on for tips on how to use each item in the kit:

Notebook and Multi-Color Pen:  Writing, drawing and coloring can be calming and is psychologically proven to soothe stress and anxiety.  When you're feeling overwhelmed, draw, write down your feelings or make lists.

Essential Oil Play Dough Clay:  You can use this as a tool for both aromatherapy and stress relief.  Squeeze, smell and reshape it to help distract yourself from your worries.

Stress Ball:  Squeezing this ball will help to relieve stress or frustration.  Just take one deep breath with every squeeze and count up to 15.

Mindful Mints:  Place a mint in your mouth and concentrate on all of your senses.  Notice the taste, feel and smell of the mint.  Focusing on one thing helps us to feel grounded.

Essential Oil Roller:  Your sense of smell can be the fastest route to the brain, so apply this oil to your wrist, the back of your neck, your pillow or your sleeve.  Then you can subtly take a whiff of this calming scent when you need it to soothe anxiety.

Healing Crystal:  Powerful minerals may strengthen the power of positive affirmations.  Practice encouraging mantras like “I am strong”, “I am enough”, and “I am doing my best, that is all I can expect of myself”.

Sensory Stones:  Carry these stones and use them as a fidget toy.  You can enhance your focus with controlled and directed movement.  Even something as small as fidgeting with your hands, can increase the levels of your neurotransmitters.

Calming Candle:  When it comes to finding peace of mind, your atmosphere really matters.  This uplifting candle will help to harmonize your mind, improve your mood and create a safe meditation space.

The kit comes with a storage bag so you can keep everything together and easily accessible.

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