Thursday, April 8, 2021

Skip It, Skim It, Slide It

I received this product from Waterline Toys for review.  Would you like to have a fun toy that the whole family will enjoy while playing in the pool or at the beach?  What if I told you that it isn't limited to summer time because it's equally as fun to play with in the snow?  Sound interesting?  Read on...

The Skim to the Pin Game, or SkimBe, is something that everyone in the family can enjoy.  It's perfect for water play, but can also be enjoyed in the snow. 
The SkimBe Disc has an easy to handle thumb grip and will easily glide across all kinds of different wet surfaces.  Even in the rain or snow!

To throw, just place four fingers under the disc and your thumb in the groove.  Use a back hand tennis style motion or a forehand rock skipping motion, to throw the SkimBe in such a way that it slides across the surface of that water (or snow).  SkimBe slides, skips and jumps effortlessly across the water as the patented rocker bottom takes over.  Whoever gets their SkimBe closest to the pin will win!

Skim To The Pin has a retail price of $39.99 and the set includes 2 SkimBe Discs and 1 Pin.  The 10" SkimBe
Discs each weighs 12 oz.  They're made of high quality, closed cell polyurethane foam for excellent durability.  They resist microbes and the smooth surface makes them super easy to clean.  The Pin is made from tear resistant vinyl and is child safety approved.  And you get to choose your SkimBe Disc color combination when you order!  Choose Pink/Orange, Blue/Orange or Blue/Pink.

SkimBe is a Summer Fun must have because it's tons of fun for everyone!  You may want to buy a SkimBe Party Pack (4 Discs and 2 Pins) and few extra SkimBe Discs because EVERYONE will want to play!

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