Monday, March 29, 2021

You Can Be Event and Venue Compliant in Style

I received this product from Margo Paige for review.  Most events and venues (concerts, sports event, festivals, etc.) these days have strict policies on what you can and can not carry into the event grounds.  If you carry a bag, they're going to want to see what is inside it.  That's what makes this Margo Paige backpack so cool.  It's clear, so the guards can see what you're carrying.  And as a result, you will get through the inspection line much faster, and maybe even be able to skip it altogether!

The Clear Weekender Backpack is both stylish and affordable with a retail price of $109.99.  It's made of recycled PVC and faux leather and has a mesh interior.  Measuring
12.5"L x 5"W x 18.5"H, it has plenty of room to carrying everything you could possibly need, whether for an evening out attending a concert or festival, or spending a weekend attending events.

The durable PVC base and faux trimmings is strong enough to stand up to the roughest treatment, and the padded straps keep you comfortable while wearing it.  You can easily fit your wallet, cell phone, laptop, baby items, clothing or anything else you might need.  And you'll look great carrying it because this is a beautiful bag.

This backpack is a wonderful gift idea for anyone on your list.  Any man, woman or teen would love it.  Students can use it for school to carry their books and school supplies in, and it would be great as a carry on bag when flying.  Show the world that you have nothing to hide, and stop getting stopped for a bag inspection.  You're going to love this high quality Weekender Backpack so much that you'll want to carry it everywhere!

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