Saturday, March 6, 2021

This Puzzle and Game Will Provide Hours of Quality Family Time

I received these products from Buffalo Games for review.  They can be purchased from and delivered right to your door!  Easter is the perfect time to spend some quality family time together, and what better way is there to do that than with a family game night?  Puzzles and games are perfect activities for family game night.

This adorable Grogu puzzle is perfect for any Star Wars or Mandalorian fan. 
“Such a Large Bounty for Such a Small Package” is a 500 piece Star Wars jigsaw puzzle that features artwork from the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.  The puzzle shows a Galactic Empire wanted poster for the child of unknown species.  Of course we know that it is Grogu, or commonly known as "Baby Yoda"!  The puzzle is made from recycled puzzle board using a precision cutting technique that guarantees that every piece will fit together perfectly with the company's signature Perfect Snap.  It comes with a bonus poster of the completed puzzle that you can refer to as you put it together. 

Ghost Castle is a perfect game for the whole family.  It's recommended for ages 6 and over, requires 2-6 players to play and the average game time is 25-40 minutes.  In the game, players are paranormal investigators hired to find out if the legend of the haunted Ghost Castle is true, and to record anything strange going on inside.  As you make your way upstairs, you accidently wake up the mean spirited ghost of Count Spooksalot who has been in a decade long sleep.  Now that he's awake, he's determined to trap you in his castle forever!  Knowing that only some of you will escape, you must race the other players down the stairs and through the danger filled rooms.  You need to get out of the castle as quickly as possible, without getting left behind!

Ghost Castle is a perfect blend of nostalgia and newness that combines the fond memories of the original 1985 game with a modern and exciting new feel for young first time players.  It's a thrilling, family friendly board game that the whole family will enjoy!

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