Monday, March 15, 2021

Protect Your Fingers While Grating Food

I received this product from April Ideas for review.  If you do much cooking, chances are that you have experienced the pain of cutting your fingers or knuckles on a food grater.  It's so easy to do because you have to hold the food as you grate it.  But this little tool puts an end to those painful cuts.

This handy kitchen tool is called SAFEGRATE and it can be purchased on Amazon.  There are a lot of gadgets that claim to protect your finger when grating food, but in actuality, most of them are so
poorly designed that they tend to cause accidents instead of preventing them.  But SAFEGRATE actually works!  When used, you'll have a stainless steel finger guard between you and your vegetable grater.

SAFEGRATE has firm gripping tines that securely holds the food as you grate it.  It’s perfect for everyone, it's even safe enough for children as young as 4! You'll be able to use your favorite cheese shredder, potato shredder or sharp knives safely, without the worry of cutting yourself in the process.

You can use SAFEGRATE no matter what you’re cutting, slicing or grating.  It's great with hard or soft cheeses, potatoes, carrots, beets, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, zesting fruit and so much more.  Whether you're making a fancy dish for a special occasion, or just an every day meal,  SAFEGRATE will make the food prep safe and worry free.  And it's dishwasher safe, so cleanup is super easy as well!

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