Friday, March 19, 2021

An Addictive Brain Teaser That The Whole Family Will Love

I received these products from Fun in Motion Toys for review.  They offer unique toys that will provide the whole family with hours of entertainment.

Shashibo - Spaced Out

If you like toys that you can fidget with while stimulating your mind, you'll love ShashiboShashibo is a shape shifting box that transforms into over 70 shapes.  You can even use its strong magnet system to combine several cubes together in order to build even larger shapes, sculptures and structures.  There are several patterns and colors to choose from, and with a price of only $19.99 each, you will want them all!  When you connect them together, they will become a beautiful work of art.


Each Shashibo is powered by 36 rare earth magnets.  There are 4 different designs on each cube, so it will transform before your eyes!  You can even download the Shashibo Shape Guide or the free app to help you learn how to master all of the shapes.

Shashibo - Blue Planet

Shashibo is so addictive that you will have trouble putting it down.  Watching it transform from one shape to another is completely mesmerizing!  It's proven to relieve and reduce stress and is great for learning and creativity.

Shashibo - Black/White

Shashibo was created by Andreas Hoenigschmid. 
Inspired by his love of design, geometry and sand art, Andreas wanted to create a magnetic puzzle toy that would be accessible to people of all ages and walks of life, even those who are vision impaired.  Once he figured out how to magnetically combine the units onto each other, he realized this was the product and idea he had been waiting for his whole life.

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