Monday, February 8, 2021

Something Different For Your Valentine

I received these products from Rosie's Workshop for review.  They offer imaginative gifts, home decor and lighting... but they're not your average products.  These products are not only functional and useful, they're also iconic, stylish, sustainable and heirloom quality.

This Vintage Spider Man 35mm Camera Light - Yashica Electro E35 is priced at $185.  It is made with a non-functioning vintage camera of the same model that was used by Peter Parker in the 2012 The Amazing Spider Man Movie.


This accent/desk light is a great gift idea for a collector or a Spider Man movie buff.


The lamp is made with the finest new lighting components available.  This includes:

  • An 8' long vintage inspired fabric cord with a 2 prong plug
  • Fully functional in line dimmer switch good for up to 120 volts
  • Heavy duty metal and chrome E26 socket (standard light bulb socket)
  • Brand new warm comforting incandescent Edison light bulb hand spun from the PL&T company in Garland, TX.  It's 40 watts with a unique filament pattern. The light bulb is rated for 3,000 hours
  • Maximum 100 watts
  • All parts are UL component listed for the United States and Canada


The camera light sits atop a brand new quality chrome mini tripod.  If you're looking for something different for your Valentine, this would be perfect!

The Bonfires and Bad Decisions Story Candle comes in three different sizes and the price ranges from $19-$49.  If you have ever been to a bonfire, or sat around a campfire, you know that those memories can be brought back by the sight of fire and the smells that are associated with it.  That's what the story candle does. 
Rosie’s Story Candles are Made in America and contain:
  • 100% pure soy wax with no colorants
  • Cosmetic grade fragrances scented 8% by volume (the max soy wax can absorb)
  • The finest cotton wicks
  • Beautiful containers that can be recycled or reused
  • They're created and poured by hand
  • Soy candles burn slower and cleaner, so your candle will last longer and there won't be as much soot

The small story candle is 7 oz and has a 25 hour burn time.  The medium one is 18 oz and has a 45 hour burn time.  And the large one is 32 oz and has a 55 hour burn time.  And your candle won't lose any of its scent over time, your last burn will smell just as great as your first one does!

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