Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Calm Acne Outbreaks, Redness and Areas of Flakiness with This Gel

I received this product from Banish for review.  If you struggle with redness, frequent new breakouts, flaky skin or Eczema, you really should try this Fighter Gel!

Fighter gel is a skin soothing water based gel that relieves irritation and redness.  It can be used to calm irritation from acne, and relieve various skin irritation. It will provide instant and long lasting relief.

Fighter gel is a skincare product that reduces inflammation, redness and in turn works great on active breakouts, acne, eczema and dry cracked skin.  It contains key main ingredients that are powerful weapons against inflammation.  It also has antioxidant ingredients that are beneficial for acne prone skin.  The base ingredient is aloe, because aloe has skin healing properties, absorbs easily and is also anti-inflammatory.

Other main skincare ingredients include Dimethyl Sulfone, which is a form of Sulfur.  This ingredient is highly anti-inflammatory and works wonders on redness and eczema.  It can also strengthen and increase skin quality, which will help your skin become stronger and more able to withstand the elements.

It contains green tea extract because it's an antioxidant that is also proven to protect skin and reduce UV damage.  Many studies have been done on green tea and acne, and it's been shown to reduce breakouts and excess sebum production.  As a result, the skin is less oily.

Organic gotu kola is another included ingredient because it is very effective against eczema.  If you have acne and eczema at the same time, this fighter gel will combat all of your skin issues, leaving you with much smoother, clearer and more balanced skin.

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