Friday, February 5, 2021

Add a Little Extra Fun to a Romantic Evening

I received these products from Country Bathhouse for review.  If you're planning an intimate and romantic evening with your love on Valentine's Day, S'lick Edible Lube is a great way to add a little extra fun!  For $30 you will get a big 8 oz. pump bottle in the flavor of your choice - there are several yummy flavors to choose from!

sensual lube is perfect for sensitive skin and made for all forms of sexual play.  The all natural ingredients and flavoring makes S'lick especially good for foreplay and being licked from you or your partner.  Coconut MCT oil makes S'lick last longer than Water or Aloe Vera based lubes alone while remaining glycerine free and all natural.  One of the flavors I received is Coconut Peach.  Turn exotic into erotic with the taste of velvety peaches and coconut milk.


This Banana lube
will make you want to peel back the sheets and feed your wild side with the satiny taste and aroma of ripe bananas.  To use S'lick Edible Lube, simply apply it liberally and creatively to either partner before and during play.  Wetter is better, and ample lubrication produces less friction, smoother skin, longer intimate times and all around better sex.

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