Saturday, January 9, 2021

Your Makeup Won't Cause a Purse Catastrophe When You Use Miss Swiss

I received this product from Miss Swiss for review.  Have you ever had your makeup come open and spill inside your purse?  That's the problem with throwing your makeup in your purse as you go out the isn't held securely and as it moves around, the lid works open and the contents gets all over everything.  Most women have had a "purse catastrophe" like this happen to them, and it's frustrating.  Not only does it ruin the items inside of your purse, it ruins the purse as well.  Even using a traditional makeup case isn't immune to this problem.  But Ashley Piszek, a 24 year old entrepreneur, has come up with a solution.  She calls it Miss Swiss.


Miss Swiss is a sturdy plastic makeup holder that prevents friction between makeup items, which is a major cause of makeup spillage.  It offers a convenience and utility that resembles a Swiss Army Knife, thus the name "Miss Swiss".  Each one features a large shatter resistant mirror that makes makeup on the go easy.  With four holders for common beauty products, you can easily carry everything you need for quick touch ups throughout the day.

7.25 inches long, 4.25 inches wide, 1.25 inches deep, Miss Swiss is compact enough to easily fit inside of your purse.  It comes in five different colors:  Blue Hydrangea, Princess of Monaco Pink, Silhouette Black, Fiolet Purple and Summertime Shandy Yellow.  With a retail price of $30, you'll want one in each color!

Because the holders flip up, you won't even need to remove the makeup container from the case to use it.  Simply flip it up and screw off the lid.  This is the epitome of convenience.

The lid of the makeup case snaps securely shut, ensuring that your makeup is contained within.  Miss Swiss would be a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for any woman on your gift list.  She'll love the convenience, compact size and peace of mind that knowing she can carry her makeup without worrying about spills and leaks inside her purse will give her.

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