Wednesday, December 2, 2020

You'll Love This Robot Vacuum

I received this product from Extreme Clean Robot for review.  Are you a busy Mom or housewife who has precious little free time?  Is it hard to find time to vacuum your floors?  Well, this Intelligent Automatic Sweeping Robot Vacuum is exactly what you need.  Just charge it up and set it down in the floor and let it go.  It will vacuum the entire floor, leaving it clean and dirt free.

This little robot vacuum is currently priced at $99 and comes in your choice of black or white.  I call it my maid because it quietly makes its way over the floor picking up dust, sand, crumbs and other debris while I spend time with my family.  Sometimes I even take a little time out for myself.  Before I got my "maid", I never had any time for anything.  I was always in a rush trying to do everything, and I was missing out on so much.  Now I have time to sit and read with my son, watch movies with my family and do crafts with my daughters.  

This robot vacuum is slim enough to be able to travel under the couch without getting stuck, so I don't even have to move my furniture to vacuum anymore.  The motor is super quiet, so it doesn't disturb us, we hardly notice it's there.  It will spend 1½ to 2 hours vacuuming your floor on a single battery charge.  It travels around the room in a random sweeping pattern.  When it bumps into something, it simply changes direction.

It will sweep up dirt, human hair, pet hair and more!  All of the debris that it collects goes into a small receptacle inside the robot vacuum.  There's no bags to change, simple pop out the debris receptacle and empty it into the trash, brush off the filter, then replace and send it on its way again.  You'll love this device so much, you'll never want to be without it again!  This is a must have Christmas gift idea for all of the busy families you know!

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