Monday, December 21, 2020

The Strongest, Lightest and Most Portable Laptop Stand Ever

I received this product from Hohbeestore for review.


This Laptop Stand is a must have for anyone who uses a laptop for long periods of time.  It's designed to u
niversally fit almost all laptop models and tablets, in sizes ranging from 10" to 17.3".  Some of the compatible brands and models are Mac Air Pro, Mac Book, Lenovo, Dell, iPad Pro, Chromebook, Samsung and many more.


We all know that bad posture is very detrimental to our bodies.  sitting hunched over or reclined too much for long periods of time not only brings on body aches (back, neck, shoulders, etc), it can also damage your eyesight and bring on headaches from straining your eyes too much.  This laptop stand offers 8 modes for height adjustment, elevating your laptop from 1.35" to 5.34" above the tabletop, protecting your eyes and helping to improve your body posture over long hours of working at your computer.


The forward-tilt angle and open design of the stand offers greater ventilation, allowing more airflow through to cool your laptop during operation and better ventilation to dissipate the heat.


The stand is made of premium aluminum alloy weighs only 0.75 lbs.  It's the strongest, lightest and most portable laptop stand that I have ever used.  It easily supports up to 44 lbs.  The rubber pads on the top and front edge of the stand can stably hold your laptop in place while offering maximum protection against scratching or sliding.


When not in use, the laptop stand easily folds to a compact size for convenient storing and transporting.  It even comes with its own little bag to store it in.  It's small enough to slip into your bag or backpack, and it's so lightweight that you'll forget you're carrying it.

This laptop stand is a great gift idea for any student, office worker or anyone who spends a lot of time using a laptop.  It would actually be perfect for anyone on your gift list, since most people frequently use a laptop, tablet or other portable device.  Everyone will love it!     

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