Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Your dog will love Squishface

 I received these products from Squishface for review.

I love Pugs.  Just look at that face in the photo above...all of those wrinkles on his face looks so adorable!  But unfortunately, those wrinkles that I love so much can also lead to problems.  The wrinkles and folds that are found on breeds like English Bulldogs, Pugs, Sharpeis and French Bulldogs can trap moisture, germs, debris and bacteria.  This can often develop a foul odor and can also lead to infection.  So it's important to keep the wrinkles clean.  A daunting task, I know, but Squishface has a product that can help.

Squishface Wrinkle Paste
works by forming a water repellent barrier on the skin surface that helps to keep moisture, yeast, fungus and bacteria at bay.  They have gone through several versions to get the formulation just right, and their Wrinkle Paste works amazingly well.  It was created without water or alcohol and a limited, ingredient list that includes only the things that are absolutely necessary.  Due to the allergy prone nature of many dogs, they also specifically excluded many of the potential allergens that are often included in other creams (lavender, aloe, lanolin, etc.) as well as any added fragrances.  Wrinkle Paste can also help clean up tear stains for many long haired breeds as well, such as Shih-tzu’s, Pomeranians and even Poodles!  It is not a breed specific product.  You can purchase the Wrinkle Paste directly from the website for $20.74 (currently on sale for $13.34).  It can also be found on Amazon.

If you have a longer haired dog, like a Shih-tzu, Pomeranian or Poodle, you probably have to deal with tear stains on your dog's face.  This can be extremely unsightly and can lead to a fungal or bacterial infection.  Well, Squishface has a product for that as well.  Their Tear Stain Paste is available on their website for a regular price of $20.43 (currently on sale for $13.34).  It can also be found on Amazon.  Like the Wrinkle Paste, this Tear Stain Paste is made with minimal ingredients.  Non-irritating and hypoallergenic, Tear Stain Paste is made with a limited, only absolutely necessary ingredient list, including Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, so it can be used on even the most allergy prone or sensitive pets.  Unlike other dog tear stain removers, Squishface Tear Stain Paste cleans and protects your dog’s tear stain areas by forming a water repellent barrier to help keep moisture, fungus and bacteria at bay.  And you don't have to worry about it running or splashing into your dogs eyes because it will stay where you put it.  After a few days of using this, your dog's tear stains will begin to fade away, leaving a bright, happy and clean face for you to cuddle up to.

These products are great to include in a pet stocking for Christmas.  And you will be amazed by the results you get from both of them!

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