Monday, November 16, 2020

Track Your Oxygen Levels With a Lightweight and Comfortable O2Ring

With the holiday season fast approaching, most of us are busily trying to figure out what we are going to give our loved ones as gifts this year.  Toys, clothes, electronics, jewelry, candy and more are all popular choices.  But I'd like to suggest something different...a self care product that would be very beneficial to your loved ones, especially those with sleep apnea, COPD, asthma or other conditions that can result in low oxygen levels.  It's an overnight pulse oximeter.

I was provided with this Wellue O2Ring by Shirley from SelfHealthPharmacist.  She's a pharmacist who has done extensive research on pulse oximeters and their use for tracking oxygen while sleeping.  Check out her article titled Best Pulse Oximeter for Overnight Monitoring (Reviews and Buying Guide) to read her detailed recommendation of the best oximeter to use and also some great alternatives for you to consider.  Her overall choice for the best product is the Wellue O2Ring.

This is t
he lightest, smallest ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring  It's durable and will adapt to fit most fingers.  Just wear the O2Ring on your finger and it will automatically monitor your O2 Level, heart rate and body movements continuously.  From one charge of the built in rechargeable battery, you will get 12-16 hours battery life.

Using a free app and PC software, the O2Ring will provide you with a graphic sleep report and trends of health data.  It reviews real time data in app dashboard and allows unlimited sharing of PDF and CSV reports.  You can even print out the reports so you can easily share it with your doctor.


If the Sp-O2 level is lower than the preset threshold and your heart rate is lower or higher than the preset threshold, the device will tell you and mark it in the report to help you develop a healthy lifestyle.  When the device is connected to the app via Bluetooth, the data will be uploaded automatically.  The built in memory can store 4 groups of 10 hours of data on device at a time.

The ring is lightweight and made of soft, comfortable silicone.  It won't slip off of your finger and won't leave it feeling numb.  Many people even forget it's there because it's so light.

Anyone can benefit from an oximeter, but it is especially beneficial for those who suffer from sleep apnea, asthma, COPD, pneumonia or simply snores a lot.  If that sounds like you or someone you love, you should try an oximeter.  It would make an awesome gift, especially now during this pandemic as low oxygen levels is a symptom of Covid-19.  You can read this article titled What is Pulse Oximetry to learn more about it.

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