Thursday, November 19, 2020

There are Many Health Benefits in Using An Ionic Body Brush

I received this product from Prana Brush for review.  Widely recommended by health experts because of the incredible health benefits, dry brushing detoxifies the body, improves circulation, exfoliates the skin, improves skin tone, aids digestion, reduces/prevents cellulite and increases energy and well being.

This is the new second generation Ionic Body Brush from Prana Brush.  It has slightly longer bristles for an even more luxurious dry brushing experience!  With a price of $44.50, this brush would make an awesome gift idea for someone who deserves to be pampered.  The brush is made with extra fine ion charged copper bristles, which naturally create negative ions that protect your body from free radicals and have numerous other health benefits.  The molecular composition of these unique bristles encourages the direct and immediate absorption of negative ions into your skin, which greatly increases the benefits of dry brushing.

The ionic body brush is also commonly known as an "energy brush" or a "copper wool brush".  This one is a beautiful work of art.  It's handmade from the highest quality and sustainably harvested beechwood, which is then beautifully smoothed and finished with natural wax.  The ion charged copper bristles are made from the highest quality copper alloy, and the brush features an outer ring of bristles that are made from beautiful, all natural and ethically sourced boar hair.

Designed to be used without water, soap, or oil, you should use your ionic dry brush on a daily basis.  This will detoxify your body, eliminate dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, aid digestion and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  If you are new to dry brushing or have sensitive skin, you should start slowly by dry brushing once a week and then work your way up to every 2-3 days, depending on how sensitive your skin is. 


To use, brush rhythmically with light, smooth and gentle strokes.  Make sure to adjust your speed and pressure in order to match the sensitivity of your skin.  Start with the soles of your feet and then work your way up and inward, brushing with long, straight strokes in the direction of the heart.  This is the direction in which lymph flows in your body, so this will have the most beneficial effect on your lymphatic system (which is responsible for detoxifying your body).  It will also help stimulate the nervous system and increase your blood circulation.  After brushing, enjoy a nice shower or bath to ensure that the dead skin and toxins are washed away.  You will feel refreshed and invigorated when you're done!

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