Monday, November 23, 2020

Perfect Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I received these products from DragonWise for review.  This small, woman owned company has combined humor, whimsy and practicality in their wonderful products.  And these products would be perfect stocking stuffers.

First of all, before we get into the actual products, most of them bear the name of Aunt Mary Anne.  As explained on the website, she's the boldest, bravest pioneer woman, who knows just what to do in any situation.  Her free spirit leads her into many adventures but she’s always prepared with her crafty and ingeniously packed bag filled with just what you need for any occasion.  Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic products bring a touch of nostalgia and mountain living to your home.

These are Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic Ole' Timey Polishin' Rags, also known as Unpaper TowelsThese 100% cotton flannel towels are artfully sewn.  The soft, cuddly and premium flannel that they are made of makes them the best absorbent kitchen towels around.  The fabric that they're made with has better absorbency and strength than paper, and they can be reused over and over.  And they just get better with each use because the more they are washed the fluffier they get and the better they absorb!  They're available in several different print sets, each of which has a charming theme inspired by mountain living.  They're gentle enough to polish silver but tough enough to scrub pine sap from your hands, and they look great on any modern or rustic towel rack.  For $47.50 you'll get a set of 12 towels measuring 8.25”x12”.  The set includes six solid colors and six patterns, all within the same theme.

Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic Handmade Natural Artisan Felted Soap Oats, Goats & Honeybees will liven up your self care routine.  Wrapped in colorful, soft, natural wool and felted for a luxurious exfoliating and pampering wash experience, this lightly scented oatmeal, honey and goat milk soap will last longer and make better suds due to the protection of the felting.  The wool will shrink as the bar grows smaller for a nice fit for the life of the soap.  These soap bars are priced at $10.99 and weigh approximately 2.5oz.

Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic Handmade Natural Artisan Soap Holiday Cheer is crafted from scratch using the finest ingredients and cold process technique.  This soap contains premium olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter
and just a touch of oatmeal.  It will produce a luxurious lather that leaves skin feeling renewed and clean.  The fragrances and botanicals like oatmeal, flowers and herbs are layered in to create a unique bar soap.  Holiday Cheer is a limited edition holiday scent that smells like blue spruce, citrus, cranberries, fir, cedar, peppermint and hugs.  You will be transported to a warm and festive place every time you wash with this holiday smelling soap.  It's priced at just $8.50 each, so you'll want one for every stocking.

Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic Country Lemon Pie Sugar Scrub is a wonderfully delicious smelling, deep moisturizing sugar scrub that's perfect for indulgent self pampering.  It's made with the finest natural ingredients and priced at $14.99 for an 8oz glass jar of scrub.  You can use this deep moisturizing formula to exfoliate away impurities and fortify your the skin with the penetrating natural oils.  The 100% edible food grade vegan ingredients make this body scrub safe on even the most sensitive skin, and the lemon pie scent will uplift your spirits and calm your soul.

Aunt Mary Anne's Authentic 82% Alcohol Handy Hand Sanitizer is made with an extra strength sanitizing and disinfecting formula that's packed with a potent 82% alcohol and oils of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.  Legend has it this famed combo of herbs was used by a group of French thieves in the 15th century to survive the plague.  These great smelling herbs are known for boosting the immune system, promoting respiratory health and having antimicrobial properties.  With the pandemic situation the way it is right now, it's more important than ever to frequently clean and disinfect your hands and the surfaces that you touch.  You can spray this sanitizer on your hands, or directly on many surfaces, making it a must have.  It's great protection when you're handling mail, grocery bags, food cans, plastic or glass containers, rubber shoe soles, doorknobs, faucets and handles, touchscreens and keypads, phones and tablets, dining tables, microwaves, public restrooms, gym equipment, common areas, counter tops, sinks, shopping carts, shopping bags, stair railings, escalators and elevators, credit cards, hand holds and seating on public transportation, steering wheels, computer keyboard and mouse, food trays, money, keys, remote controls and much more!  With a price of only $5.99, you can carry one with you when you're on the go so you will always be protected.

You can boost any cloth face mask to 99% efficiency by using one of these Dragonscale MERV 16 Face Mask Filters.  The world's best sanitizable and reusable (can be used up to 8 times) premium quality filter insert is priced at $5.99 for one.  The cutting edge non-woven fabric and nanofiber technology will allow you to breathe safer.  Theses filters can be used with any face mask with or without a filter pocket.  The uniquely shaped filter is made from the best rated protective fabric material available, exclusively made in the USA.

All of these products are perfect stocking stuffer ideas, especially with the corona pandemic continuing to rise.  Protect yourself and the ones you love by gifting them with these products.

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