Monday, November 30, 2020

Pamper Yourself or Someone You Love

I received these products from Level Naturals for review.

The Lemon + Coconut Discovery Set is priced at $40 and contains everything you need to pamper yourself or someone you love.  Start off with the
skin softening Epsom salt bath bomb and then move on to the body polish.  Next, use the moisturizing bar soap to leave your skin clean and hydrated. Lastly, roll the natural fragrance onto your body to keep the relaxing aromatherapy going all day long.  You can also purchase each product individually if you prefer.

The sunshine infused Lemon + Coconut Epsom Salt Bath Bomb has a
refreshing Lemon + Coconut scent that will brighten your bath and day.  Healing paradise comes to you in this Epsom salt filled Bath Bomb as it relaxes your muscles, promotes your blood circulation, and soothes and detoxes your body while it hydrates your skin.  It's made with earth friendly ingredients and scented with essential oils.

Scrub on down with the fresh scents of zesty lemon and smooth coconut with this uplifting Body Polish.  Moisturizing plant oils and sugar granules work together to help give you smooth and supple skin all year long.

This Lemon + Coconut Bar Soap is
sunshine in a bar.  Infused with refreshing lemon and sweet coconut, this invigorating body soap will brighten your day.  Pure plant oils and extracts help to wake the senses while leaving you with hydrated skin that’s soft and ready to be shown off.

The lovely scent of this Lemon + Coconut Roller Ball holds the power to take you somewhere carry you to a cherished moment in time, or simply to a more peaceful state of mind.  Made with MCT Coconut Oil and natural fragrance blends, it will nourish your soul as well as your skin.  This fresh and sweet fragrance captures sunny days and cheerful moments.

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