Friday, November 13, 2020

Infuse Your Water With the Healing Effects of Crystals and Gemstones

I received this product from Gemstone Well for review.  You can purchase your own Elixir2Go directly from the Gemstone Well website, and also from Amazon.  For centuries, crystals and gemstones have been coveted for their healing effects.  They are said to radiate beneficial energies that affect the human body and mind.  And now, the people from Gemstone Well have created a water bottle that infuses your water with these healing energies.


The Elixir2Go Crystal Water Bottle will keep you hydrated and hositively charged everywhere you go.  Each set comes with a glass water bottle, a complete set of gemstones and a protective neoprene sleeve with a "flower of life" on it.  The regular price for this set is $69.99, but it is currently on sale for $49.99.  Each type of crystal and gemstone is said to have different effects, and you get to choose the ones you want for your bottle.  You can order additional gemstone sets separately, and you can easily switch them out in your bottle at any time.


For centuries, world civilizations have recognized the healing properties of crystal energy.  The practice of making crystal elixir by placing gemstones in or near your drinking water is nothing new.  But making crystal elixir wasn't easy.  Dropping crystals directly into your drinking water is dangerous because many gemstones release toxins.  And they're sometimes treated with harmful chemicals during the cutting and polishing process.

Setting gemstones near your drinking water works, but it's hard to take them with you so you can keep charging your water on the go.  Then along came gem water bottles, but they were expensive.  They were often made of plastic, which contains chemicals and causes environmental damage.  You couldn't change out the crystals in them without purchasing additional accessories, not to mention the fact that they leak. 

But as the first of its kind, the Elixir2Go changed all that!  Your crystal healing discoveries shouldn't be hard or expensive!  Gemstone Well invented the Elixir2Go bottle and it became the first indirect method crystal elixir bottle that lets you use any crystal mixture of your choosing! 

The Elixir2Go has a wall of glass at the bottom of the water chamber, preventing it from leaking.  It comes with natural tumbled gemstones, not dyed imitations.  It uses the non-toxic indirect infusion method, the two compartment design means that the gemstones never actually touch your water.


Gemstone Well is so sure of the quality of the Elixir2Go, that your purchase comes with a lifetime warranty.  If the glass in your crystal water bottle breaks for any reason whatsoever (dropped, gem chamber overfilled, cracked, etc.), then you can order a replacement glass bottle body to go with your original lids, gemstones, and neoprene sleeve.  Your replacement glass is FREE; all you have to pay for is the shipping and handling!

So what are you waiting for?  Order one for yourself and for everyone you love, they make excellent gifts! 

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