Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Blinks are Super Fun For The Whole Family

I received these products from Move38 for review.  Blinks is the world's first smart tabletop game system.  It's made up of AI powered intelligent game pieces that respond to your touch, communicate with each other and even think for themselves.  Each Blink is both a game cartridge and a game tile.  Every piece knows its own game, and it can learn new games from the other Blinks.  They are completely modular, so the more Blinks you have, the bigger the games you will be able to create.

I received the Blinks Combo Set.  It's regularly priced at $198.00, but is currently on sale for $179.00.  It comes with 12 Blinks, which means there are 12 amazing original games!  The games are Mortals, Fracture, Berry, Bomb Brigade, Puzzle 101, WHAM!, Astro, Honey, Flic Flop, Speed Racer, ZenFlow and Widgets. 
You also get two Sushi Roll Carrying Cases, instructions and two Blinks Game Boxes that hold up to 12 Blinks.

Blinks are magnetic, which allows them to connect to other Blinks to form an interactive game board.  They are so addictive...you won't be able to stop fidgeting with them!  There are no small pieces to lose, so they're great to take along with you to play anywhere.  It's a great choice for a party game, or for your family game night!  Everyone will want to play, from the little ones all the way up to your grandparents!  You can even play by yourself.


I love that the Blinks light up!  I think they look so cool.  The video above explains how to play Mortals.  It's a real time strategy game where each Blinks has 60 seconds to live.  Players take turns stealing life from the opposing Blinks as they try to be the last survivor.  WHAM! is a fast paced party game that is similar to Wack-A-Mole.  Puzzle 101 is a puzzle game that provides an endless supply of puzzles.  Every game I have tried has been addictive and fun!

The really cool thing about Blinks is that you can keep expanding your game set because they are all interactive with each other.  This makes it a really great choice for a Christmas gift as well...buy different sets for each family member and they can either play alone with their own set, or combine them for a larger, more versatile game!  One thing is for sure, the whole family will LOVE Blinks!

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