Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Your kids will think they are playing, but they'll be learning too

I received this product from Osmo for review.  Kids tend to enjoy playing games and will choose it over actual learning every time.  But what if they could learn while they play?  With the Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night, they will be doing just that!

Osmo uses tangible pieces to create a unique, hands on learning experience.  By merging tactile exploration with innovative technology, it will actively engage your children in the learning process.  It is priced at $139 and is available on the Osmo website, or Amazon.  You will need either an iPad or a Fire Tablet in order to play, and it is not included in the kit.  Make sure you order the Osmo that is compatible with the device you have.  There are separate links on Amazon for the iPad Osmo and the Fire Tablet Osmo.  If you order from the Osmo website, just choose the device you want it for.

Osmo is designed for kids age 6-10.  Most kids learn more through hands on activities, so Osmo is a perfect learning tool.  The Osmo Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night provides seven ways for them to play and learn.  Every game requires a physical action to play, like moving number tiles, arranging tangrams  or drawing freehand.  And Osmo will react to every move you make!  Your kids will be amazed!

Your kit will come with the Osmo base for either iPad or Fire, Tangram pieces, number tiles, word tiles and stackable storage.  The games encourage teamwork as the players work together through multiple levels.  The seven game are Tangram, Words, Newton, Masterpiece, Numbers, Math Buzz and Lettertopia.  Families can play together, or children can play on their own.  The games will help children develop a love for things like engineering, art, math and reading.  Playing these games will improve kids' social-emotional skills, collaborative learning, number sense, math confidence, counting, spatial sense, visual acuity, reading, vocabulary, creativity, problem solving, hand-eye coordination and self expression.

This Christmas, let Santa bring your kids something that they will have fun playing with and learn from at the same time!

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