Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pamper your man with these awesome beard oils

I received these products from Lucky Beard for review.  If you have a bearded man in your life, (whether it be a husband, father, brother, son or friend) you've probably heard him complaining about a dry, itchy beard.  This is a common problem for bearded men.  But Lucky Beard's all natural and hand crafted beard oils can put an end to that pesky little problem for him.

These oils are hand crafted in small batches using all natural and organic plant derived ingredients.  These oils are ethically sourced and packed full of nutrients that will moisturize both the beard and the face.  Using these oils will result in a fuller beard that is soft and healthy.  This company is dedicated to nature and does not do any testing on animals.  They also donate a portion of every order to the National Park Foundation.  The oils are priced at $15.95 each and you can choose from
Australian Sandalwood, Bergamot & Black Pepper or the Original Unscented.  To use, slowly massage 4-8 drops (depending on the length of you beard) into your beard and massage it into the skin underneath.

Australian Sandalwood Beard Oil is the equivalent of your favorite trail in a bottle. 
The rich, woody aroma of the essential oil, Australian Sandalwood, blended with the fresh, nutty scent of their original blend will leave you smelling like the great outdoors.  And, just like the feeling you get after a long hike, the calming effects of Australian Sandalwood will clear and ease your mind.

The warm, woody aroma of Australian Sandalwood helps relieve anxiety and headaches, promoting mental clarity and relaxation of the mind.  It also serves as an antiseptic, which protects the skin from harmful bacteria while reducing inflammation of the skin.  Clear your mind, protect your skin, and get back outside.

Bergamot & Black Pepper Beard Oil is like a night by the campfire. 
The warm, citrus twist of Bergamot paired with the bold finish of Black Pepper will have your beard smelling like the nights you live for.  It’ll also elevate your mood and give you wide eyed alertness, building your confidence for another great adventure.

The fresh citrus fragrance of Bergamot helps alleviate stress, while the spicy aroma of black pepper enhances alertness - letting you take in the world with an open mind.  Together, they provide anti-congestion properties, allowing you to breathe in more of the fresh air you crave so you can see more and do more.  

The Original Blend Beard Oil may be unscented, but it's
packed fuller than your rucksack, with nutrient rich oils that promote healthy beard growth while protecting your skin from harmful toxins.  Embrace the elements as they were meant to be - naturally.

The original blend incorporates the conditioning jojoba, grapeseed and safflower oils to help your beard grow stronger and fuller.  And with the addition of argan and sweet almond oils, it shows the skin some love too by moisturizing and protecting it from harmful toxins in the air.  It's good for your beard and good for your skin.

These oils are perfect stocking stuffers for the bearded men in your life.  They'll love being pampered and they'll love having a soft, healthy and fuller beard!

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