Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Need Ideas For Great Movies to Watch With Your family - Check These Out

Vision Films provided me with access to watch these movies on Vimeo for my review.  Vision Films is a female owned and operated distribution company with a wide selection of films to choose from.  They have a broad catalog of films that they are bringing to DVD and streaming/VOD this Fall and Winter.  Choose from documentaries, Kids/family films, Faith based, holiday and more!  I just watched four of their new additions with my family, and we all loved them!  Read on to learn more about the films we enjoyed!

SkyDog - When Colt Lifestone (Daniel Kundsen), a high school senior working on his pilot’s license, rescues a stray dog named Oreo, the two quickly become best friends.  His normal quiet life is turned upside down though, when he finds out that his mom (Jeannine Thompson) is actually an undercover CIA agent lead by Director Neil Glasswell (Dean Cain)!  When she’s captured and held hostage, he’ll need to team up with Oreo and his new friend Alice (Vickie Lynn Smith) to find his mother, uncover the double agents within the CIA, and save the day.

This is a great movie that emphasizes the importance of
faith, family, friends, purpose and living life with meaning.  The DVD/VOD scheduled release date for this movie is October 20, 2020.

The Key To Christmas -
When a disgruntled elf named Winnie (Samriddhi Singh) sees her chance to take over the North Pole, she uses a magical machine to turn time backwards on Jolly Old Santa Claus (Scott Osborne) and he begins getting younger - and fast!  With Mrs. Claus (Sadie Dilcock) captured and in candy cane jail, it's up to a loyal elf named Lovey (Katherine Alpen), a little girl with a magical key (Camryn Macdonald) and the now teenage Santa to turn forward the hands of time and save the future of Christmas.

My kids loved this movie!  They loved booing Winnie as she took over the North Pole, and cheering for Santa, Lovey and Kira as they raced to save Christmas.  The DVD/VOD scheduled release date for this movie is November 10, 2020.

The Farmer And The Belle:  Saving Santaland -
Sparks fly when a famous model (Jenn Gotzon-Chandler) returns to her small town and runs into her childhood pal (Jim E. Chandler) who now has a young daughter and a farm.  With the town in danger of losing their Santaland festival, they’ll need some big ideas to save the event and discover that true love and beauty comes from within, and miracles can happen with determination and faith.  

This heartwarming movie was inspired by a true story!  The DVD/VOD scheduled release date for this movie is November 17, 2020.

Christmas With A Crown -
When Cassie (Lisa Durupt), a successful woman with a blooming career in the city, returns to her small hometown to revive her family’s Christmas festival, she meets Nicholas (Marcus Rosner), a dashing stranger who volunteers to help organize the event.  Sparks begin to fly between them, but little does she know that he’s really a prince in disguise who’s left his palace right before his important royal coronation.  Nicholas is longing to find the true spirit of the holidays, but his Queen mother (Teryl Rothery) sends her butler (Michael Lazarovitch) to find the prince and save the crown!  It will take a Christmas miracle of royal proportions for Cassie and the Prince to overcome their obligations and for their hearts to meet as one.

This is a nice, romantic holiday movie that the whole family can enjoy.  The DVD/VOD scheduled release date for this movie is December 1, 2020.

Family movie night is a good way to spend some quality time together.  And Vision Films has lots available for you to choose from.  In most cases, all of these films can be found on the following platforms:

VOD Platforms:

Google Play
Amazon Instant
Microsoft Xbox


Verizon Fios
Century Link
Google Fiber
+200 smaller affiliates



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