Sunday, July 19, 2020

Make a wish and wear it

I received these products from Wishbeads for review.  With the way the world is right now, we really need something positive in our lives.  Are you the type of person who makes a wish when you see a shooting star?  Or maybe you throw an occasional coin in a wishing well and make a wish?  Well here's an even cooler way to make a wish...Wishbeads.  And they're an excellent jewelry accessory for back to school.  

Alexa Fischer is an actress, coach and motivational speaker on a quest to give wishes the power they need to become reality.  She created Wishbeads to empower you to unlock your true abilities, dream your biggest dreams and make almost any wish come true by reminding you to stay focused and intentional every day.  Psychologists agree that when you put a wish, dream or goal in writing, it's the first step toward making it happen.

Wishbeads come in the form of a necklace or two different types of bracelets.  This is a really great concept.  First, you visulaize your greatest wish coming trye.  Concentrate and see it clearly in your mind.  Write down your wish using the kit that is provided with your jewelry.  Next, you roll the paper up, tuck it inside the jewelry and wear it every day as a powerful visual reminder of your wish.  Every time you see your jewelry, it will remind you to purposefully take action toward realizing you wish.

The first type of bracelet comes in a variety of different colored gemstones of recycled glass.  Choose one in your favorite color, or choose several and wear them all!  Available for both men and women, you'll find something for everyone.

Each of these bracelets features a solid brass cylinder and screw cap to hold your wish.  The beads are handstrung and each bracelet comes with 5 wishpapers.

The other type of bracelet is one that allows you to make the beads yourself.  The Wishbeads paper bracelet kit has everything you need to make your own Wishbeads bracelet.  The kit includes a signature bead, elastic, writing paper, Wishbeads pen, Mod Podge glue, bamboo sticks, scissors and a Wishbeads journal.  To create your beads, you first need to take a sheet of the writing paper and write your wish down in vivid detail.  You want to completely fill the paper from top to bottom.  The more pages you fill, the more beads you can make.

Once you finish writing down your wish, hold each sheet of paper - one at a time - with the words facing you.  Starting at the top edge of the paper, slowly roll it around the bamboo stick.  Keep it wound tightly as you go.  Once you've gone about an inch down, apply a thin strip of glue across the paper.  Continue rolling until you are about an inch from the bottom and apply another thin strip of glue before continuing to roll it to the end.  Then apply a think layer of glue all over the paper, smoothing it out with your fingers.  Remove the stick and repeat the process with each remaining sheet of paper.


Allow your paper tubes to dry completely, then use the included sharp scissors to cut into individual beads about half an inch long.  Smooth the flattened paper back out with your fingers and then string the beads on the included elastic.  Put the signature bead in the middle between the paper beads.  Measure it to your wrist to make sure it fits, then tie a knot to secure it.  Now you're all set to wear your wish on your wrist! 

Making your wish is just the first step.  The book "Wishwork" will guide you through a 21 day journey using gentle encouragement.  It gives you a short passage to read and a small action step to complete for each day.  As you complete each step, you will feel your optimism growing, and after 21 days you will feel significantly closer to your wish becoming a reality...or at least something very close! 

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