Thursday, July 16, 2020

A greeting card for every occasion

I received these products from Greeting Card Universe for review.  They carry a huge selection of cards for every occasion.  Whether you need a birthday card, and invitation or simply a "Thinking of You" or "Missing You" card, you can find them all here.  They have anything you need.  And you can choose to use the stock verse inside the card, or write your own, along with a note on the inside cover if you choose.  You can even customize the text on the cover of the card on many of the designs.  The cards are high quality and you would be proud to give them to family and friends.

Greeting Card Universe is the world's largest card store.  They have a range of over 600,000 cards, invitations and announcements designed by a hand picked community of artists, who can also customize the cards for you.  And they're still growing!  The artists add a staggering 500-1000 new cards every day!

The cards are very reasonably priced and are of the highest possible quality.  They come with a blank high grade envelope.  When you order, you can choose to have the cards sent to you so you can personally deliver or mail them out, or you can can choose to have your card shipped directly to your recipient with a customized personal message or photo inside.  All orders are shipped out the very next business day from their US or UK print facilities and are typically delivered in 2 to 5 business days.  You can also choose to schedule a pickup your order within an hour in most local Target or Bartell Drugs stores.  So there's no excuse to ever miss sending a card for any occasion again!

If you happen to encounter a problem with your order, their customer service team is very quick to help you work it out.  They are very nice and friendly, and go above and beyond to help solve your problem.

The colors on the cards are vibrant and gorgeous!  Whether you want a funny card that will elicit a laugh, a mushy card that just might bring tears to the eyes, or something in between, Greeting Card Universe has it.  You can find the perfect card for any age and any occasion, and you can't make it unique by customizing it.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary in November, so I took the opportunity to create a card for him.  Calling each other "Silly Butt" is something that we've always done, so I thought it appropriate to add it to the card.  Now I just need to keep it hidden for a few months and hope he doesn't read this review!

I come from a very large family and I actually live far away from them.  I have been away for long time.  So I have not seen them, or my friends, in quite a while.  Sending paper cards is a much more personal way to stay in touch than sending e-cards.  And being able to personalize the card makes it even better.

This cute smiling giraffe and the words "Sending you a smile" immediately reminded me of a very good friend of mine, a friend I haven't seen in years.  We do keep in touch online, but I will be sending this card to her.  I customized the inside as well...

"because I know you miss my smiling face as much as I miss yours!"  Perfect, don't you think?

I highly recommend you check out Greeting Card Universe for all of your gift card needs.  Invitations, Birthday, Anniversary, Miss You, Thinking of You or any other occasion.  They have cards for everyone and every occasion!

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