Saturday, June 13, 2020

Revisit your childhood with this toy

I received this Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle from California Creations for review.  In the 70's, Evel Knievel was a household name.  He was known for his amazing ramp jumps on his motorcycle.  And if you were a child at the time, chances are very good that you had one of these stunt cycle toys.  And now, California Creations has brought it back for a limited time, for a new generation of daredevils to enjoy, or for the original generation to revisit!  It's priced at $44.95, so it's very affordable.

The Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle was originally introduced in 1973 by Ideal Toys (one of the top toy companies in the U.S.).  It was hugely successful, selling over $125 million worth as children tried to recreate Evel Knievel's wildest stunts in their own back yards.  This toy was Ideal's chart topping item and one of the best selling toys of the decade.  It had power and speed never seen before, and kids loved it.  After a highly successful run, the stunt cycle was discontinued in 1977 and the original molds sat dormant for years.  Until now. 

This toy will provide hours of entertainment for kids.  They can set up all kinds of ramps and obstacles in their bedrooms, living rooms, back yards or anywhere!  They can create their own ramps, or visit the Evel Knievel Toys Facebook page to watch hundreds of videos of creations that others have come up with.  You can make it do jumps, wheelies, hand stands, crashes, flip tricks and much more!

This toy is very sturdy and durable.  It can stand up to crash after crash without breaking.  And it is just like the original toy from the 70's.  Evel is wearing his USA stunt suit that he was famous for, and he's riding his chrome Motorcyle.  The bright red energizer gives the toy amazing power and speed.   And best of all, no batteries are needed to power it!  It's a wind up toy.  You wind it up by turning the white wheel on the side of the energizer.  Once it's would up, just launch it to send it on it's way!

Imagine the look on your Dad's face when he opens your Father's Day gift and discovers a toy that is exactly like the one he had as a child.  He will love it, and he will love building ramps to jump with his grandchildren (and he'll probably let you join in too!).

Since the relaunch, California Creations is selling approximately one stunt cycle every ten minutes.  It's resonating with a new generation of kids and drawing the older generations back in.  It's amazing to see your kids or grandkids enjoying a toy that you loved as a child.  And it pulls the kids away from computer, phone and TV screens for a while making it a win/win!  So order yours today and enjoy a classic made new again!

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