Monday, June 8, 2020

A Garden That Fits On Your Window Sill

I received these products from Urban Leaf for review.  Most people already have their garden planted, but others are a little behind due to the Covid19 situation.  But some people don't have anywhere to grow a garden.  I'm one of them.  When I was growing up, my Dad grew some of the best fruits and vegetables around.  And once they ripened, my Mom spent the rest of the summer canning them.  I really miss having fresh fruits and home grown vegetables whenever I wanted.  Well, now I can thanks to these garden kits from Urban Leaf.

The Garden Trio Kit (Mini Fruit and Vegetables) is priced at $29.00.  It makes it possible to grow your own fruits and vegetables without having a back yard to plant them in.  Living in an apartment or small urban area used to make it impossible to have a garden.  Most plants need lots of room to grow, and that's something that apartment dwellers do not have a lot of.  But Urban Leaf has put together a few kits that solve that problem.  The one I received came with everything I need to grow my own tomato, pepper and strawberry plants right on my window sill.  They have searched specialty seed dealers across the globe and have found this exclusive selection of miniature and compact Fruit and Vegetable seeds.

The kit contains a timber planter box (made from fast growing renewable timber), coco coir pots, dehydrated soil discs (complete with worm castings and water retaining crystals), bamboo plant markers and of course three packets of seeds (tomato, pepper and strawberry).

I can't wait to be able to enjoy the fresh fruit and veggies that I grow on my window sill!

I also received some individual packets of seeds so I can plant more in my own pots.  These seeds are priced at $4.00 per packet.  I received tomato, pepper, strawberry and chives seeds.

All Urban Leaf products are backed by a green thumb guarantee.  If you're not happy with your products for any reason...maybe you can't get them to grow or you're just not satisfied with the results...they will refund or replace your order for free!

With Father's Day fast approaching, this would be a great gift idea!  Check out Urban Leaf to see their complete selection.  You're sure to find something that your Dad will love!

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