Saturday, May 30, 2020

Give the Gift of Memories

I received these products from VIDBOX for review.  If you have old home videos on video cassette, or home recordings of karaoke nights with your family captured on audio cassette, you're going to love these two products.  You can now convert and preserve these old memories in digital format thanks to VIDBOX.  Both of these products would make an awesome Father's Day gift!  You can find them at Best But, Amazon, QVC, HSN and more!

The VIDBOX Video Consersion Suite has a regular retail price of $99.99, but it is currently available for $79.99.  So it's the perfect time to get one just in time for Father's Day!  It works with both PC and MAC and it lets you easily convert your videos to digital formats.  All you need is a VCR or camcorder and a PC or MAC to easily transfer your video to DVD or digital files.  Step by step pictorial instructions are included to guide you through the process, so it's super easy!  

Videotapes can deteriorate over time.  Your old videos will have color bleed, white specks and other distortions that can render them unwatchable.  Don't risk this happening to your home video collection.  Think of all of the memories that would be lost!  Converting them to digital will make them more readily viewable as well.  How many people still have VCR's these days?  You can digitize the videos and then burn them onto DVD's for the whole family!

The Video Conversion Suite comes with the USB Video Capture Device, Software Installation CD and/or Product Key Card, USB Cable, RCA AV Cable and a Quick Start Guide.  It's compatible with several video players:  VCR (VHS, Betamax, S-VHS), camcorder (8 mm, DV, mini DV, HDV, AVCHD), DVD player, game console and more.  It supports NTSC, SECAM and PAL video standards.

The VIDBOX Audio Recorder lets you convert all of your music and personal recordings (from cassettes, LPs and 8-Track tapes) into MP3s, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs, so you can listen to them on your portable music players.  The regular retail price is $79,99. but it is currently available for $69.99.

Whether you're saving precious memories stored in recordings of your grandparents reading you stories, recordings of family karaoke nights or trying to relive the music of your youth, with just a few clicks you can convert your analog music into digital formats including MP3s and audio CDs.

You can improve audio quality by reducing unwanted noise or static.  Undo the effects of time to make your old music sound better than ever.  It has a built in normalizer that automatically adjusts your converted audio to a standard volume with the click of a button.  This ensures that all of your tracks are at the perfect sound level.  

You can also easily split your full album into individual tracks through the automatic gap detection.  You can add album, artist and song titles to your MP3 files.  Or make a custom playlist or a mix CD using only your favorite tracks.  

Listen to your digitized audio on portable devices including MP3 players, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  You'll never have to be away from your favorite tunes again!

The Audio Recorder includes the MUZBOX, which is an Analog to Digital Converter with RCA inputs and USB 2.0 output to your PC.  It works with most audio devices including cassette players, amplified turntables and 8-track players.

In addition to the MUZBOX USB audio capture device, it comes with USB cable, a 10 ft. RCA to RCA audio cable, 3.5 mm to RCA adapter cable, a Quick Start Guide and a Software Installation CD with electronic manual.

This Father's Day, give the gift of memories with the VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite or the VIDBOX Audio Recorder.  Your Dad will love it!

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