Saturday, April 18, 2020

Summer Gardening and Water Fun!

Summer is fast approaching and soon the weather will be perfect for gardening.  Many people grow their own vegetables, while others enjoy growing trees and flowers.  Regardless of what you grow in your garden, you probably have a water hose that you use to water the plants.  But what do you do with your water hose when you're not using it?  Do you just leave it laying on the ground?  Or do you have a water hose reel to hold it?  If you are shopping for hose reels, check out Eley Hose Reels for your hose reel storage needs.

When I was a kid, my Dad always had the best garden around.  He had tons of water hoses leading to various sprinklers that he used to water the garden.  But while the hoses eliminated the need to carry water to the garden, they could also be a hassle because we had to move them every time we mowed the yard.  We didn't have a water hose reel, so we had to pick the water hose up and roll it by hand.  This was very awkward for a kid to do.  So I highly suggest that you purchase a hose reel if you don't already have one.

Your water hose can also be a source of great fun!  I have many childhood memories of playing with my brothers and sisters.  We would spray each other with the water hose, or run through the water sprinklers, and don't forget the Slip 'N' Slide!  So take some time away from your gardening to let your kids enjoy some good old fashioned water fun!

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