Sunday, February 2, 2020

Wicked Good Cupcakes are wickedly good!

I received these products from Wicked Good Cupcakes for review.  In 2010, Wicked Good Cupcakes began as a Mother/Daughter family business out of their home kitchen.  It remains a family business and promises to never compromise on quality.  Tracey Noonan and her daughter Dani Vilagie decided to take cake decorating classes as a way to spend quality time together.  They enjoyed it so much that they decided to start a business.  After launching their first store in 2011, they began putting their cupcakes in mason jars to keep them fresh and to allow for shipping as they filled orders from all over the country.  In 2013 they appeared on ABC's Shark Tank and struck a deal with Kevin Leary.  They continue to grow and create new products that continue to be home made and made from scratch.

These Wickedly Good Cupcakes live up to their name...they are wickedly good!  They are perfect to give as a gift to your Valentine because...well...who doesn't love cupcakes?  They have several different flavors (including some made specifically for Valentine's Day), so you'll be able to find the perfect treat for all of your Valentines.  They even have a line of gluten free cupcakes.  The mason jars give them a shelf life of 10 days.  And once you have enjoyed the cupcake, you will be able to reuse the mason jar!  The flavors I received are Cupid's Vanilla Confetti, Dark Chocolate-White Chocolate Raspberry and Red Velvet Heart.  All of them are equally delicious, and I am unable to decide which one is my favorite!  They have several different multi packs available at different PRICES according to how many cupcakes are in the pack. 

Cupid's Vanilla Confetti Cupcake:  Vanilla Cake is dressed up with pink and red confetti baked right in.  The vanilla cake is layered between swirls of pink vanilla buttercream frosting and topped off with pink and red jimmies.  

Dark Chocolate-White Chocolate Raspberry:  Moist chocolate cake is layered with dark bittersweet chocolate ganache, white chocolate curls and swirls of raspberry frosting.

Red Velvet Heart Cupcake:  They took their National Security Red Velvet Cupcake and dressed it up with heart sprinkles for Valentine's Day!  It's a traditional red velvet cake layered with home made cream cheese buttercream frosting.  They topped it off with heart sprinkles because nothing says "I love you!" better than adding hearts!  

Your Valentine will love receiving some of these scrumptious cupcakes.  But a word of advice...order some for yourself as well.  Otherwise you might eat them all before you can give them to your Valentine!

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