Friday, February 14, 2020

These Magnum Mini Ruby Ice Cream Bars are delicious!

I received this product from Magnum for review.  Iconic and uncompromisingly delicious, Magnum Ice Cream uses the world's highest quality ingredients to create exceptional ice cream bars and tubs.  Using Old World chocolate techniques, they are indulgence personified.  After all, life is too short for ordinary ice cream:  So Be Magnifique. 

Treat yourself to a little ruby bliss.  New Magnum Ruby Mini Ice Cream Bars are made with luscioussweet ice cream dipped in a cracking ruby cacao shell.  Ruby is the first new chocolate in 80 years.  Made with the recently discovered Ruby cacao bean, Ruby cacao expresses a unique berry fruitiness, luscious smoothness and unique pink color.  You love milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate, now discover ruby cacao!  These mini bars are the perfect any time indulgence.  And with their pink color, they would be perfect for Valentine's Day! 

These small ice cream bars deliver big flavor to your mouth.  Coated in a pink chocolate shell that is sweet and smooth with a distinct berry flavor, these mini ice cream bars are the perfect sweet to share with you sweetheart for a romantic Valentine's Day snack.

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