Sunday, February 23, 2020

Delicious Bubbly for Easter

I received these products from Mionetto for review.  This Easter, after a busy night delivering Easter Baskets to all of the good little boys and girls, Mr. Easter Bunny can settle down to a nice romantic drink (or two, or three, or more!) with Mrs. Easter Bunny.  These sparkling bottles of Bubbly from Mionetto are the perfect choice!  And if you're really, really good, maybe the Easter Bunny will leave a bottle for you to share with your Easter sweetheart as well!

Mionetto Prestige Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut ($14 / 750ml and $4 / Mini 187ml):  This sparkling wine has an emphatic, yet stylish mousse and a luminous straw yellow hue that it gets from the grapes that are grown in the province of Treviso.  Treviso is an area that has always produced high quality Prosecco.  It has a bouquet that is redolent of Golden Delicious apples and a palate that is appealingly marked by aromatic notes of honey and white peaches.  This is from Mionetto's most classic Prestige line.  This is a line that reflects its connections with the history of the winery in the elegant presentation of the bottle, which features an oblique label design that has always been a characteristic of the winery.  The refined design of the label reflects the style of the products.  There's Prestige quality in every detail! 

Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry ($14 / 750ml and $4 / Mini 187ml):  This Rosé is the result of soft pressing of red grapes.  It has a peach blossom color with shiny reflections accompanied by a fine, lively perlage.  It has an intensely fragrant, fruity nose with hints of violet, raspberry, morello cherry and wild strawberry.  This is also from the most classic Prestige line. 

Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG ($45):  This elegant Cartizze boasts luminous golden highlights that are fluted by a near endless, delicate bead of tiny bubbles.  It has a majestic, multi faceted bouquet that releases seductive impressions of apples and pears, alongside notes of citrus and glazed almond.  It is crisp, well balanced and elegant on the palate.  Its charming personality and the distinguishing feature of obliquity combines with the excellence of quality that is the result of Mionetto's wine producing experience to give it a sinuous appeal.  It is an exclusive "unicum" with unmistakable Italian style.  The choice of materials and the elegant, sinuous form of the bottle makes it feel innovative and refined.  The highly sought after personality of the most prestigious perlage of this historic vineyard is exalted by the Luxury Collection.

So this year after the Easter excitement calms down a little, enjoy a nice glass of any or all of these wines.  Just please REMEMBER TO DRINK RESPONSIBLY!       

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