Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Balance and Wellness

I received this product from 180 PURE for review.  180 PURE is on a mission to source and curate the finest THC free premium whole hemp based CBD products.  They put in the work of discovering, testing and vetting to bring you a line of products that you can trust.  Every product they carry has ZERO THC, so you never have to worry.  They use the whole hemp plant (minus THC).  The plants are grown on American farms, with the proprietary strain of hemp that is naturally high in cannabinoids.  They also publish the 3rd party lab results for each product.  They rigorously control and test to ensure that critical attributes (taste, color, potency and purity) meet the highest standards.

The people at 180 PURE believe that when we're at our best, our bodies are naturally able to repair and restore themselves.  Their products were created to give us daily choices and trusted products to keep our bodies and minds naturally balanced and well.  

They believe that natural, 100% organically grown hemp from American farms has the power to promote wellness and bring balance to your life.  It does this by gently and effectively encouraging your own body's endocannabinoid system back to optimal function.  What we put into our bodies matters.  So make sure you use quality products. 

Life gets hectic for a busy Mom of 3.  When you have three active children to keep track of, it's understandable that you might find yourself feeling run down and exhausted.  And that exhaustion can affect everything from your complexion to your sleeping habits, energy levels, joint and muscle health and so much more.  Taking a CBD supplement can help all of these things.  The 180 PURE Premium Hemp Softgels are a perfect choice to try.  A bottle of 30 softgels costs $99.95.  The bottle recommends taking 1-4 per day, as needed, but I have been taking a single softgel each day and I have noticed a great improvement in the way I feel. 

These Broad Spectrum, Zero THC, CBD Softgels are created with a patent pending water soluble  PCR hemp oil.  They have an absorption rate of up to 4 times more than oils from other leading brands, thanks to the proprietary nanoemulsion technology.  The effects are consistent, predictable and long lasting.  Consistency is key, so for best results, use daily.  Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness and store away from humidity, heat and light.  Once I started taking these softgels, I quickly noticed a boost in my energy levels, better sleep at night, fewer aches and pains and much clearer skin.  Try it for yourself and see how good you feel when you achieve Balance and Wellness in your body.

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