Saturday, January 25, 2020

These Birdseed Heart Ornaments are adorable!

I received these Birdseed Heart Ornaments from Lilac Hill Designs for review.  

These Birdseed Heart Ornaments are the perfect gift for any garden or bird lover.  These come in your choice of either 3 hearts in a 5" x 7" gift box for $10.50, or 4 hearts in an 8" x 8" gift box for $13.50.   These are perfect for those who love to give green gifts.

When you gift these Birdseed Hearts, not only will the recipient love them, the birds will also love them!  They are covered with a nice mix of birdseed that your feathered friends will love and appreciate.  Just hang them from a tree, bush or anywhere outside where birds can find them.  They come with a ribbon already attached so they are ready for hanging.

Show the bird lover in your life that you care by gifting these Birdseed Hearts to them this Valentine's Day.  Hang them outside a window so you will have a nice view of the birds that they attract.  You can sit and sip your coffee as you watch the birds enjoy a free meal.  Kids will love seeing all of the different colored birds that come to eat.  If you or someone you love is one of those people who put birdseed out for the birds, why not hang some of these hearts instead of just having a pile of birdseed?   

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