Sunday, January 19, 2020

SneakERASERS makes dirty shoes look new again!

I received these products from FTI Brands for review.  SneakERASERS were created by three friends (Chris, Kevin and Nick) who were sick and tired of fighting the battle against filthy shoes.  Their shared mission was to create the most innovative and easiest to use product to rejuvenate and clean the soles of your shoes to make them look new again.  SneakERASERS can be found at Walmart, Costco, Kroger, CVS, Amazon and other retailers.

Let's face it, shoes get dirty quickly.  They pick up all of the grit, dirt and grime from the ground, roads, sidewalks, etc. as you walk over it.  No matter how careful you are, you just can't keep them clean.  And trying to wash them, usually doesn't remove the dinginess.  Especially those nasty scuff marks and ground in stains.  And pretty soon, your shoes that are in otherwise good shape, are just so dirty that you hate wearing them.  If only you had a magic eraser that you could use to erase that dirt, grime and dinginess, and bring your shoes back to their original clean and bright appearance.  Well, SneakERASERS are just that!

This is a pre-moistened SneakERASER.  Carry one in your purse, backpack, gymbag or in the glove box of your car.  That way you will have one for those emergency cleaning touch ups when you are out and about.  Just gently swipe your shoe with the white side of the sponge to wipe away any scuffs.  Remember to use it gently because pressing hard will cause it to quickly disintegrate.  The white side will naturally wear away as you use it and some of it may stick to your shoe.  Use the orange side to wipe away the residue from your shoe.  When you're done cleaning your shoes, you can let the sponge dry out and reuse it later.  Simply wet it with water when you are ready to use it again.  You can purchase these at most retailers, or from Amazon where a 3 pack of pre-moistened SneakERASERS is $9.49.

For home use, where you have easy access to water, you can use these dry SneakERASERS.  Just add water when you are ready to use one.  Remember to lightly rub your shoes with the sponge to avoid having it disintegrate.  And the key is to use lots of water.  If it starts to dry out as you use it, wet it down again. You can purchase these dry SneakERASERS at most retailers, or from Amazon where a pack of 10 is $9.49.

You're going to love how easy it is to use SneakERASERS!  And how bright and clean it makes your shoes!

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