Wednesday, December 18, 2019

These products from MedZone make awesome stocking stuffers

I received these products from MedZone for review.  MedZone products work to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds and skin chafing issues for individuals in sports, industrial settings and recreational activities.  MedZone products are used by athletes, military, and law enforcement professionals.  They have been trusted by professional and university teams and athletic trainers since 2001.  From Collegiate athletes to fashion models, MedZone is used by profissionals of all types.  MedZone was created by sports medical professionals and is now available to athletes at all levels of competition. It is manufactured in the USA within an ISO Certified, FDA registered lab and is used by Certified Athletic Trainers around the country. 

Blister Zone ($9.99):  When applied to the feet, BlisterZone prevents friction and blisters for wearers of all types of footwear:  athletic shoes, boots, high heels, new shoes, skates, hiking boots, ballet shoes, and dance shoes.  Great for everyday use to help with Blister Prevention.  When applied to any area that is rubbed by the wearing of law enforcement or military gear, scuba gear, swimsuits, backpacks, or straps of any kind to prevent irritation.  Works on hands for outdoor work, cross fit, golf/baseball gloves.  It helps with preventing friction and blisters on your hands and feet.  Don't let your foot get a blister when you can prevent it!  BlisterZone won’t break down easily in the presence of moisture, providing an effective friction barrier no matter the activity.  Long lasting and durable to help prevent painful skin irritations like blisters or hot spots.  Many scuba divers use it to lubricate a scuba wet suit.  It lasts long in a pool or the ocean at the beach with new sandals when you are on vacation.

ChafeZone ($11.99):  Anti Chafe product for Active individuals, athletes, cyclists, swimmers, & more.  This stuff works for all sports and activities to help prevent friction that causes chafing from your thighs rubbing together and other area where chafing is a problem.  The easy to use stick glides on your body easily to help prevent issues before they start.  It offers quality chafe prevention for him or for her.  If you walk, run, swim, cycle, play baseball, football, soccer or ride a motorcycle, chafing prevention is very much needed.  This long lasting formula will prevent chafing, rubbing and blisters caused by friction between the skin.  Simply use before your activity by applying to legs, thighs, chest, nipples for runners, bra band and neck line if chafing occurs in those areas.  It's also great to take to the beach to prevent rashes caused by swimsuits, surfing or board shorts rubbing in sensitive areas.  It provides a thin layer of skin protectant directly on your skin to minimize friction. 

ChafeZone for ChubRub ($11.99):  This is an anti chafe balm stick to help prevent thigh, underarm, and chest chafing.  It's great for areas that are prone to friction that causes uncomfortable rubbing or chafing.  This high-quality balm was created by a certified athletic trainer to help people prevent the pain of chafing.  It's easy to apply, moisture resistant, long lasting, comes in two convenient sizes and is dedicated to the Plus Size community.

PainZone ($13.99):  PainZone has three active ingredients and contains NO WATER.  This topical analgesic relieves tired muscles, joint pain, aches, and eases back pain due to sports, activity, or work.  It also works well on arthritis symptoms and sore muscles!  This no mess application has 3 anti inflammatory agents plus two additional anti inflammatory ingredients to banish your pain.

SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm Stick ($12.00):  Optimize and enhance your workout by applying this product to your abs to trap in heat and encourage sweating.  As you gain muscle mass, this balm can help you sculpt your midsection and develop a lean, slim body.  SweatZone Balm is formulated to help activate blood circulation in your waist and increase sweating.  Choose between our original formula or the all natural version with organic ingredients.  With SweatZone, you’ll be exercising like a pro in no time!  SweatZone Balm’s heavy-duty, gel-like barrier helps insulate skin to help you sweat while entrapping heat to maintain warmer muscles.  Lactic acid and toxins do not build up as fast when muscles are warm.  This sweat trainer balm is designed for quick and easy use.  Simply apply a generous layer of SweatZone Balm directly to skin and you’re good to go!  Whether you use the product during a full-body workout or a day of cardio, you’ll love this premiere sweat-enhancing formula.  Use it with Crossfit, Bodybuilding and Cardio.  Whatever exercise you choose to do, SweatZone will help you enhance your workout by making you sweating more.  If you’re looking for an extra boost to your workout routine, try SweatZone!

SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm Tub - Natural With Organic Ingredients ($37.99):  Carry your tub of fat melting sweat gel everywhere you go.  Applying a layer of our organic coconut sweat enhancer only takes a few seconds, and you will be amazed with the results only after a few uses.  You can use it under your shirt, but for the best results use it with the SweatZone sweat waist trimmer belt.  This sweat gel works as a stomach fat burner no matter what workout you do.  Whether it is a full body cardio day or leg day, using our slimming cream can help you get the results you are looking for.

ChubRub For Her Anti Chafe Stick ($11.99):  Chafe, ChubRub, Thigh Rub...whatever you call it, it’s not enjoyable but this preventative solution will help you avoid it.  it will allow you to wear the clothes you want and participate in the activities that you want without the fear of suffering from ChubRub.  Whether you call it chub rub, chafe, thigh rub or something else, it’s a real issue that plagues many people each year.  This ChubRub Formula is an All Natural Solution that helps women of every size enjoy wearing the clothing they enjoy.  This anti chafe stick glides on easily, is not messy and most of all it works.

Friction All Natural Anti Chafe Stick ($11.99):  Finally, an anti chafing solution that feels as good as it performs.  This Friction Formula is an everyday friction prevention stick for everyBODY, every size and every kind of fitness enthusiast.  Designed with you in mind, this organic stick provides lasting comfort that’s only a swipe a way.  Wear what you want, do want you want and enjoy happy skin every day with this all natural formulation.  Don’t worry about painful skin irritations from fabric, friction or sweat.  With Friction Formula, you have an on the go solution that lasts for hours at the gym, outdoors and beyond.  So you can live your most active life, friction free. 

Bust Balm All Natural Bust Chafing Prevention ($11.99):  Stop chafing along your bra line once and for all.  This Bust Balm Formula is an everyday friction prevention stick for everyBODY and every size, every day.  Designed with you in mind, this stick provides lasting comfort that’s only a swipe a way.  Wear what you want, do want you want and enjoy happy skin every day with this all natural formulation.  Don’t worry about painful skin irritations from fabric, digging or sweat.  With Bust Balm, you have an on the go solution that lasts for hours at work or anywhere your day takes you.

Muscle Rub ($11.99):  For temporary relief of minor aches and pains.  This Muscle Rub is used for muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis, back ache, strains and sprains.  It has a near odorless formula that works great for athletes and active people.  It's great for every day use.

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