Sunday, December 1, 2019

The hair ties that smell so good!

I received these products from SCEN-TIES for review.  

SCEN-TIES are a fun twist on a very common existing product – elastic hair ties.  The twist is that these are scented with fun, attractive scents for girls like bubblegum, strawberry and cotton candy.  They also have a tiny fabric tag attached to each elastic.  When the wearer tugs the adorable little tag, the scent is emitted from the elastic.  The scent will last for 8-12 months.  This makes SCEN-TIES the first in a category for children referred to as TOYCESSORIES – an accessory that is also a fun, interactive toy.  Go ahead and give SCEN-TIES a try – Stretch ‘em, Sniff ‘em, Wear ‘em, Share ‘em.


Keep fly-away hair out of your child’s face with SCEN-TIES Cupcake Headbands ($12.00 for a pack of 3)!  These headbands come in a pack of 3 adorable pink and white headbands, microencapsulated with an amazing cupcake smell.  They are perfect for school, sports, and trading with friends. 

SCEN-TIES are also available as hair ties in packs of 5.  They have various scents and are priced at $5.99 per pack.  I am going to talk about the scents I received, but they have several others.  See the website for the full selection.

Add extra pep to your kid’s ponytail with SCEN-TIES hair ties! Red and yellow cloth covered hair ties add a fun twist to classic hair elastics. Brighten up any hairstyle with a set of 5 Bubblegum scented hair ties or wear them as bracelets.  There’s something about the smell of bubblegum that brings to mind ballparks and county fairs. Collect all 7 scents to mix and match and trade with friends!

Add a pop of color and fun scent to any hairstyle with SCEN-TIES Watermelon hair ties!  Each pack comes with 5 awesome red and green watermelon scented hair ties.

Perk up your ponytail with SCEN-TIES Sour Apple hair ties!  These adorable pink and green hair ties come in a pack of 5, perfect for adding a touch of color and sass to your hairstyle and outfit.

Step your style up with SCEN-TIES Strawberry scented hair ties!  Add them to your favorite hairstyle, or double them as bracelets for your little fashionista!  Each package comes with 5 red and pink hair ties, micro-encapsulated with a sweet strawberry scent.
All girls love these hair ties!  They are perfect for all age groups:  little girls, tweens and teens!  Even adults think they are cool!  They are perfect for stocking stuffers!

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