Thursday, December 5, 2019

Protect your home and valuables from water damage with this small device

I received this product from SimpleSENCE for review.  A leak or flood can be devastating, both emotionally and financially.  But you can protect your home and valuables from water damage with the SimpleSENCE leak and freeze detector.

The SimpleSENCE Leak & Freeze Detector is an in home, WiFi connected, multi sensor system that instantly detects and alerts you to water leaks and extreme temperature variations.  It's available in single unit or multi unit packs, and you can have 24/7 leak and freeze protection throughout your home for your family, and your valuables.  

The small ergonomic size of the SimpleSENCE detector with wrap around water sensors allows for optimal placement in any leak prone area.  Position them in numerous leak prone areas throughout your home.  You can also put them in additional locations, such as vacation homes, rental properties, places of business and aging relatives homes.  It simultaneously sends alert notifications to your smart phone while activating the sensor audible alarm to prevent any major damage that would otherwise go undetected.  It monitors ambient temperatures, especially in cold weather areas that are prone to bursting pipes.  With customized set up of the alerts you can stay up to date and informed via your preferred communication method.  Receive instant alert notifications to your smart phone as soon as a leak or temperature variant is detected.  It has an extended 2 year battery life with low battery power notification to your smart phone.

The SimpleSENCE Instant Alert App allows you to customize the set up of your alerts so you can stay up to date in the way that you prefer.  It has WIFI integration, sensor set up and alert notification. 

You can purchase the SimpleSENCE Leak and Freeze detector HERE.  They are priced at $69.95 for a single pack, $209.85 for a 3 pack and $349.75 for a 5 pack. 

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