Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Keep your collar under control with Würkin Stiffs

I received these products from Würkin Stiffs for review.   With Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays, fly-away collar, limp collar, and constant collar curl are all things of the past.  Simply put, this patented technology keeps your collar in check all day.  Insert the magnetic stay like you would a normal one, flip your collar down, and then lock it in place with the included magnet.  That's all there is to it!  The stays are flexible, the magnets are powerful and they are airport TSA friendly!

Stiff-N-Stays Plastic Magnetic Collar Stays 2 Pair ($15):  Hold onto your shirt, this genuine set of Stiff-N-Stays is about to change your life.  These patented collar stays have insane magnets that hold your collar in place all day.  Experience the difference.  Each set includes (2) 2.0" Stiff-N-Stays, (2) 2.5" Stiff-N-Stays and (4) Power Button Magnets.

2.5" Magnetic Power Stays ($19.50):  These patented collar stays have insane magnets that hold your collar in place all day. Each set includes (2) 2.5" Power Stays and (2)  Plastic Covered Magnetic Power Buttons.

Power Stays Assorted Size Leather Travel Set - Tan $59.50:  Take your style to new heights with the Power Stays Travel Set.  Six assorted size stays and six magnets kept tidy in a genuine leather case.  Magnetically closes to the size of a business card, making it easy for the guy on the go.  Stay Stiff road warrior!  Each set includes (1) Genuine Leather Wallet, (2) 2.0" Power Stays, (2) 2.5" Power Stays, (2) 2.75" Power Stays and (6) Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets.

Plastic Covered Magnetic Power Buttons in three different colors ($19.50 each set):  They traveled to the furthest reaches of the universe to mine the rarest magnetic ore, thus creating their insane Power Buttons.  Paired with Würkin Stiffs’ Magnetic Collar Stays, your shirt is sure to look out of this world. 

Blue:  The set includes (8) Blue Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets.

White:  The set includes (8) White Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets.

Grey:  Each set includes (8) Grey Plastic Covered Power Button Magnets.

 Magnetic Power Buttons ($15):  Each set includes (8) Uncovered Power Button Magnets.

 Jet Black Silicone Doppel Bag ($35.00):  Simplify the way you carry.  The 100% silicone construction holds up to the elements like a champ.  In fact, it’s resistant to leaks both inside and out.  It can protect your devices and accessories when you’re at the beach or anywhere else.  The super soft silicone has a one-piece construction which means you can wash it entirely and simply let it dry.  Measuring ten inches long and six inches tall, there’s space for your entire grooming kit, accessories, tools or whatever gear you need to bring along.  Start packing and traveling like a pro with the Doppel Bag.  Guaranteed to be the only “D-Bag” you want to travel with.

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