Thursday, December 5, 2019

Introduce your kids to a second language with these puzzles

I received these puzzles from Wordy for review.  By creating quality hands-on bilingual toys, Wordy's mission is to create a "World of Words".  A world where kids learn to love words, languages and cultures through engaging toys that fill their environment.  Check out their website to see their full range of toys.

These puzzle sets are available in a sea theme and a safari theme and are priced at $9.99 for each 3 piece set.  Recommended for ages 2 and up, these puzzles will help develope fine motor skills and build problem solving techniques.  You can purchase them directly from the Wordy website, or from Amazon.

The double sided wooden puzzles are shaped like an animal that fits the theme.  The Wordy Sea includes a crab, a fish and a whale.  

The Wordy Safari includes a lion, a giraffe and a zebra.  Wordy has paired English with 3 different languages on these toys.  You have your choice of English/Spanish, English/French or English/Madarin.  On one side of the puzzle, the name of the animal is printed in English, on the other side, the name is printed in whichever of the 3 languages you chose when you ordered them.  Each puzzles is stored inside a deluxe cloth bag and there is a pronunciation guide included. The paint and ink used on them are all child safe.

The crab puzzle has 7 pieces and measures 6.5" x 5.73".  The fish puzzle has 5 pieces and measures 6.5" x 4.74".  The whale puzzle has 4 pieces and measures 7" x 5.58".  The zebra puzzle has 4 pieces and measures 5.4" x 6.75".  The lion puzzle has 5 pieces and measures 7" x 5.35".  The giraffe puzzle has 5 pieces and measures 6.55" x 8.75".
If you have small children and would like to introduce them to a second language, these puzzles can help.  Or, as in my case, you have bilingual children due to the parents coming from different countries, these puzzles are great for you as well.  I am American and my husband is Swedish, so our children speak both English and Swedish fluently.  And although these puzzles are not currently available in the language combination of English and Swedish, I would have loved to have this type of toy available when my children were small. 

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