Friday, December 20, 2019

Add a special touch to your drinks with thes novelty ice molds

I received these products from Zoku for review.  Why settle for ordinary ice that melts quickly and dilutes your drink?  Use these great novelty ice molds to add a special touch to your drinks.

Ice Ball Molds - Set of 2 ($14.99):  The Zoku Ice Ball lets you enjoy your favorite drink without diluting the flavor!  Simply fill the mold, let it freeze, then easily open it to remove the ice sphere—no rinsing required.  It’s simple to remove and melts at a slow, even rate in your glass.  Enjoy it in any drink, at any age!

Iceberg Ice Mold ($9.99):  Introducing new brilliantly cut Iceberg Ice Molds.  Add a twist to “on the rocks” with ice that melts slowly without diluting your drink.

Jumbo Ice Trays - Set of 2 ($14.99):  Make perfect ice cubes using Zoku’s silicone Jumbo Ice Cube Trays.  This space saver pack of two molds makes six extra large ice cubes each and conveniently stacks on each other.  The tightly sealed flavor-guard lid prevents freezer tasting ice and spills while transporting to the freezer.  Nearly flawless cubes easily remove by inverting the silicone mold—no rinsing required! 

Naughty or Nice Ice ($9.99):  Everyone knows someone who is naughty or nice.  Next time show them by adding Zoku’s Naughty Or Nice Ice into their glass.  This playful silicone ice mold comes in a set of eight.  It's perfect for your next get together.  Once frozen simply remove the legible word ice by inverting the silicone—no rinsing required.  The bold word ice is specifically designed to fit into double old-fashioned glasses.

Cheers Ice Tray ($9.99):  Zoku’s set of four extra large word ice is the perfect addition to any glass.  The Cheers Ice Set contains four legible high spirited words.  The silicone tray is simple to fill and even simpler to remove by inverting the mold to release the cheerful ice—no rinsing required.  Be the host with the most memorable toast!

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