Sunday, November 3, 2019

This Yoga Mat Towel is great for yoga, aerobics and Zumba!

I received this product from wowitsyou for review.  You can purchase this Yoga Mat Towel on Amazon for $29.97.  Use the code wowitsyou10 for a 10% discount that will be valid until
end of November.

Are you unable to perfectly do a yoga pose because of occasional slipping?  If you’re into physical-based yoga like Bikram, Hatha, or Ashtanga, you know by now that when you sweat too much, there’s a tendency for your hands and feet to slip from your mat from time to time.  Instead of focusing on your pose, you are paying more attention to your grip.  Your fingers and toes tend to curl and grasp your mat tightly in order to keep your balance.  This places additional strain when you should be focusing on your form.

With WOWITSYOU’s Yoga Mat Towel, you get an absorbent towel that will allow you to do your poses comfortably!  Doing yoga can be slippery with a wet yoga mat.  No matter how thick or stable your mat is, once sweat gets in the way, it can hinder you from doing your poses flawlessly.  This yoga mat towel is the perfect solution to your dilemma because it has an absorbent top layer that soaks up all the sweat, preventing slippage.

Not just for your yoga sessions, but this towel is also great for gym use.  It also covers gym mats so you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with other people’s perspiration and odor.  It’s hypoallergenic and comes with its own carrier for easy carrying and storage.

Soft and transportable, it can easily be placed in gym bags, travel bags, and even laptop bags!  You can bring it anywhere, anytime, even at work!  This yoga mat towel makes a perfect gift for friends, family and fellow yogis!  You can use with or without a yoga mat.  And it's not just for yoga!  You can also use it for aerobics or Zumba! 

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