Monday, November 4, 2019

These Packbands will help you stay organized!

I received these products from Packbands for review.  Organize your home, work, travel and play with Packbands.  These  silicone storage straps manage cords and cables, store home goods, organize luggage, hold sports and outdoor equipment and so much more!  You can purchase a 3 pack of  Packbands HERE.  The regular retail price is $21.95, but right now they are only $19.95.

I received a 3 pack of Packbands, which contains 3 Packbands silicone storage straps (9", 12" and 15") with 3 securing loops.  Organize your home, garage, travel, work, outdoor and fitness gear and more!  

The 9" Green Packband may be the smallest, but is a big help!  Put it on your backpack or suitcase to secure an extra bag or water bottle.  Manage cords and cables for tools, appliances and devices.  Attach toys to baby strollers to prevent them from being dropped.  The possibilities are endless!

Another great use is to secure cabinet doors with them so your little ones can't open them.  We usually store cleaning supplies under the sink.   Cleaners that contain poisonous and toxic chemicals can be locked away and out of a toddler's reach simply by wrapping a Packband around the cabinet door handles in a way that makes it impossible for the child to open them.

The mid-size 12" Blue Packband is perfect for organizing larger cords or hoses, holding rolled t-shirts or securing your outdoor and sports gear.  For a longer strap, join 2 Packbands together.

This 15" bright orange workhorse holds a rolled yoga mat, your puffy jacket, a beach towel or pet supplies.  For extra security, wrap this longer band around an item multiple times. 

Packbands provide a simple solution to a messy problem.  They secure rolled clothing in a suitcase (less wrinkling!), manage tangled cords in an office or workshop, secure exercise gear, store bulky towels or linens, hold garden supplies or organize adventure equipment.  The list (so far) is endless. 

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