Monday, November 25, 2019

Rejuvenate your skin with a Jade Roller

I received this product from the Elu Corporation for review.  

Jade is a natural stone that is known to enhance peace and harmony.  At the same time, it also serves as a means of neutralizing the effects of polluted environments.  Everyday stress is reflected in our complexion, facial muscles are in constant tension. 

The Jade Massage Roller transfers the natural energy of the stone into your skin.  It helps to keep the skin elastic and helps restore its youthful appearance.  It helps improve blood circulation, promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system and relaxes the facial muscles.  It can help reduce dark circles and swelling around the eyes and helps relieve headaches.  The Jade Roller can also be used to massage the neck to minimize or remove a double chin.

You can use the Jade Roller to help serum and creams be more effectively absorbed into your skin.  The Gua Sha stone is designed to massage the face to help detoxify, reduce wrinkles, remove skin inequalities and circles under the eyes and eliminate red veins.  Regular Gua Sha massage can replace the need for invasive facelift interventions in the face.  Massage also relieves the tension of the facial muscles and blood circulation to the skin. 

To use, after applying your facial products, use the wider stone to scroll over your face, chin, neck and decollete.  Always roll it in an upwards motion.  Then massage the area around the eyes with the small roller stone.  Don't forget to include your lips.  Use the Gua Sha stone to massage your skin with light pressure from the center of the face to the outer edge.  On the chin, pull the stone from the center of the chin to towards the ear.  Just before you reach the ear, change direction and pull the stone down along your neck.  This move is important to eliminate accumulated toxins.  After use, you may see a reddening of the skin.  This is normal and is caused by your blood circulation.  It will disappear after a short while and your skin color will become an even and unified color once again.  For a quicker result, place the Jade Roller and Gua Sha in the freezer for a few minutes prior to usage.  It is recommend that you use both products and repeat the routine for 5-10 minutes daily for optimum results.

You can purchase the Jade Roller HERE for $25.99.  This would make an excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. 

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