Friday, November 29, 2019

Keep your foods fresh with FreshPaper

I received this product from The FreshGlow Co. for review.  

When Kavita Shukla visited her grandmother in India while still in middle school, she accidentally brushed her teeth with tap water.  Her grandmother concocted a "murky brown spiced tea" for her to drink - and Shukla never got sick.  Back home in Maryland, Shukla discovered that the spices in the tea inhibited bacterial growth.  She dipped some strawberries in the mixture and they stayed fresh for days.  Shukla, now 28, turned her grandma's home remedy into FreshPaper, a small biodegradable sheet that, when placed in a crisper or fruit bowl, keeps product fresh two to four times longer than normal.  Over the next year, she's partnering with nonprofits in developing countries to ship FreshPaper to some of the roughly 1.2 billion people in the world who lack refrigeration, including small scale farmers in India and Africa who sometimes can't sell their crop before it spoils.   

FreshPaper sheets are infused with powerful organic botanicals that keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer.  Stock up on fresh produce, and just pop a sheet anywhere you store fruits & veggies - in or out of the fridge.

They harness the power of plants to create simple innovations that are safer for our homes and better for our planet.  FreshPaper is infused with a proprietary blend of powerful organic botanicals that naturally slow down spoilage, over-ripening, and wilting.  FreshPaper has been independent laboratory tested and scientifically shown to keep fruits & vegetables fresh for longer. 

Stop throwing away pricey produce that's gone bad before you can eat it.  Reduce waste and save time with fewer grocery store trips.  Just drop a sheet of FreshPaper into your fruit bowl, or put it directly in the store packaging.  Each sheet will last for a month once it is taken out of the packaging.

You can purchase FreshPaper HEREA trial size pack of 8 sheets is $9.95.  It is also available in a Double Pack, Short Stack and Value Bundle.

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