Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Explore the Galaxy...of Bath Bombs

I received this product from Offensive Crayons for review.  

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right?  A day when you discover more problems than you solve.  The stress builds up until you want to scream, but the only thing you can do is keep going.  By the end of the day, all you want to do is take a nice relaxing hot bath and wash away the day.  These Galaxy Bath Bombs will turn that bath into a spa like experience that will carry you away on a journey throughout the Galaxy.

The final frontier in bath bombs, this nine-piece set—eight planets plus the sun—will take you to another planet far, far away from the gravity of daily life.  Indulge in the effervescence of natural ingredients, including mica, vanilla, jasmine, coconut milk, sandalwood — or gift the set to your favorite stargazer.

These bath bombs are huge!  They are actually the biggest bath bombs on the market.  They weigh a whopping 5 oz. each!  That's roughly the size of a tennis ball.  Each bomb represents one of the planets, plus the sun.  They are sparkly, but contain no glitter.  And they smell heavenly!  So travel through the Galaxy, one by one!

These bath bombs will color your bath water, but will not stain your skin or your bath tub.  There's no mess at all left in the tub after you use them, everything rinses away clean.  They are perfect for gift giving.  They are the perfect gift idea for all occasions, or as a well-deserved treat for yourself! It's a great choice for the geek or the nerd, the science enthusiast, the star gazer, the teacher, or the space buff in your life.  You can purchase them HERE for $34.99.

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